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Nature Biotechnology article: Animal-free alternatives and the antibody iceberg

This full length article describes the findings of the ESAC working group, annex 1, JRC Science for policy report . Antibody generation using animal immunization presents scientific and ethical concerns. From a scientific standpoint, animal-generated antibodies can suffer from batch-to-batch variation, low specificity, high background and undefined identity of the binding reagent — all of…
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Nature methods article: “Change-makers bring on recombinant antibodies”

This excellent article, written by Nature Methods Journalist Vivien Marx, explores how recombinant antibody development is gaining a foothold over traditional antibody production methods, featuring interviews with Alison Gray, an in vitro toxicologist and molecular biologist at the University of Nottingham; Fridtjof Lund-Johansen, a researcher at Oslo University Hospital; Bio-Rad’s Achim Knappik; Alejandra Solache, Abcam’s vice president of new…
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Nature methods article: Animal-derived-antibody generation faces strict reform in accordance with EU policy on animal use

This article discusses the impact of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre's much-anticipated Recommendations on Non-Animal-Derived Antibodies, in accordance with EU policy on animal use. These recommendations are supported by an in-depth scientific review and opinion on the “scientific validity of replacements for animal-derived antibodies” conducted by its Scientific Advisory Committee, both published as annexes…
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