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European commission releases recommendation on AFAs

AFABILITY is excited to announce the much anticipated release of the JRC’s EU Reference Laboratory for alternatives to animal testing (EURL ECVAM) Recommendation, urging the scientific community to recognise the scientific validity of non-animal-derived antibodies and to stop using animals for antibody development and production. They have also published their news release The AFABILITY mission has…
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10/10/17 – AFABILITY wins the Lush prize 2017, supporting animal free testing

AFABILITY was awarded the Lush prize for public awareness that was announced at a ceremony that took place in London. The Lush judging panel selected the winners from a shortlist of 66 projects and scientists from 29 countries. In total, there were 18 winning projects and scientists from 11 countries, sharing £330,000 in prize money across 5 different categories that…
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07/02/17 – AFABILITY wins the 2017 Beagle Freedom Prize!

AFABILITY is proud to have the support of the Beagle Freedom Project and to have been awarded the Funding the Future grant. Beagle Freedom Project is calling on the scientific community to "Upgrade Your Research" with innovative, effective, and humane alternatives to animal models and methods. In this way, the Beagle Freedom Project seeks to proactively…
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