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All ABCALIS® Antibodies are made in vitro by animal-free recombinant methods (phage display). Abcalis also supplies multiclonals: a revolutionary new class of secondary antibodies. Multiclonals combine the best of polyclonal antisera and hybridoma monoclonal antibodies, while eliminating their disadvantages, plus they add the quality of recombinant reagents. Multiclonalss are a mixture of different, carefully selected recombinant monoclonal immunglobulins. Their respective epitope binding sites do not compete with each other, therefore amplifying signal strength in each and every one of your test results.

All Abcalis antibodies are of completely defined composition, as the encoding DNA sequence of all components in known. This assures  always identical results, unlimited long-term availability and therefore true reproducibility.

All antibody products are recombinantly produced in animal-serum free media by human HEK293 cell culture and purified from the supernatant by Protein A affinity chromatography.