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  • Antibodies in society
    • Antibody targets
    • Healthcare and therapeutics
    • Environment
    • Research and development
    • In vitro diagnostics
    • What are antibodies
      • In nature
      • Animal derived antibodies
      • Animal friendly affinity reagents
      • The case for replacement
        • In a nutshell
        • Welfare issues
        • Statistics on animal use
        • Non-technical summaries
        • Scientific justification
        • Call for replacement
        • The 3Rs
        • Directive 2010/63/EU
        • EURL ECVAM
        • EU past activities
        • The science
          • Combinatorial diversification in nature
          • Creating diversity in a test tube
          • Packaging
          • Panning
          • Affinity maturation
          • Technical comparisons